Thursday, 29 August 2013

Statement of Arab academics and intellectuals against the American military aggression on Syria

Our hearts all bleed for the growing bloodshed in Syria, which has increased in recent days; this is being used to justify within the media and political efforts of Arab and Zionists to pave the way for a U.S. military intervention in Syria. The frequency of media reports have intensified within the last hours, alluding to the possibility of the United States, Israel and Britain, France and Turkey, and the governments of Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, taking part in a military strike against Syria, under the guise of it being accused of using chemical weapons against civilians in Ghouta Damascus Eastern. A claim is still under investigation by a specialized committee of the United Nations, and that the Russian government rejected, and submitted to the Security Council documents show that the terrorists are the users of these weapons, not the Syrian Arab army.

This comes after the political activity, sabotage and terrorism that is an hallmark of Saudi intelligence, which included car bomb attacks in Iraq's cities and towns, and in the southern suburbs of Beirut and Tripoli, claiming the lives of hundreds of women, men and children, along with the subversive role of the Saudi regime in Egypt.

The conflict in Syria, as evidenced by the eye, is not an idealised struggle between the regime and the opposition, but rather a regional conflict on an international stage; its fuel the blood of Syrians, and its goal smashing the state, the army and society in Syria, until it hits Syria's regional role as advocate and supporter of Arab resistance against the Zionist enemy, and besieging resistance Allbannanah and Palestinian, and re-forming the entire region to ensure the interests of the Zionist entity.

The support of the Zionist enemy has always been, and still is, one of the most important determinants of U.S. policy and its standards in the region. That is why the United States now claim concern for the blood of Arabs, blood which has been shed for more than sixty years on the bayonnet of American arms; you will fool no-one.

We, the undersigned, declare:

(1) absolute and we stand with the Syrian people and their choices, and with the Syrian Arab Army and the Lebanese resistance, in this great national battle against Israel and the United States, Britain, France, Turkey and the governments of Jordan and the Gulf.

( 2) we see that all who lift arms in Syria in the face of the Syrian Arab Army, and supports U.S. aggression on the Syrian nation, are the enemy of the Arab nation, and stand at the side of Israel and the United States.

(3) we see that every government, political party or political group, or political or cultured person working in the public domain, who do not announce standing against the reactionary imperialist aggression against Syria, are infact standing in a row the United States and Israel.

(4) the solution in Syria is the only national solution. We call on the honorable of the regime and the opposition to sit down at the negotiating table to agree on a national strategy to consolidate efforts and monitoring of rows against the American-Israeli aggression, and against all gunmen who receive support from the United States, Turkey, France, Britain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. And follow it, work hard and effectively to develop a national plan for Syria's transition to a stable democratic situation.

(5) We call on everyone to beware of attempts in sedition and sectarianism, maliciously supervised and funded by the ancillary systems and Arab masters, fueled by means of these media, and tools in Anizqh. We emphasize that the first beneficiary of fabricating a rift between Sunni, Shiite, Christian or Muslim, is the Zionist enemy and its occupation of Palestinian land.

(6) We call on all honorable Arabs to rally around the option of resistance, and to turn this crisis into bloody historic opportunity to achieve a historic achievement in the Israeli project defeated Saudis/Americans, simulates a defeat that befell this project in July 2006 .


Atef Cy

Let's sword

Ahmed Khalifa

Useful ud

Khalil Palm

Ashraf Bayoumi

SZ Morsi

Adel Samara

Capt. preferred

Munir Akash

Kamal behind the long-

Ali Abdel Aal

Yahya Abu Ghida

Rashid Jamal al-Din

Walid Halees

Munther Suleiman

Jafar Jafari

Massad Arbid

Mohammed Al - Abdullah

Amal Saad - strange

Ahmed Abdel Aal

Diane Khaled

Shawqi Kassis

Daoud Khairallah

Fadia talk show

Nader judge

Ruba Abu Ghida

Adnan al - Khatib

Samir Seikaly

Shawki Court

Ziad Daoud

Ali Mallah

Ibrahim Odeh

Herzallah activist

Majid grace

Abbas Ali

Nader Abu forehead

Mr. Badri

Mahmoud Arts

Hani Mendes

Translation: Paul Nelson

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