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Joshua Bonehill, Nikki Pilkington and Lee Rigby’s grave robbery that never took place

Fascist Nutjob and Fantasist Joshua Bonehill-Paine
In recent months a rather nasty fellow of a far-right political persuasion and some clear mental health issues has been publishing a Facebook page and blog (entitled Daily Bale) where he creates vile, libelous story out of thin air, does a quick Google search for any image he can find, and then publishes it to a tiny band of self-proclaimed patriots, white supremacists and racist knobheads.

Ladies and Gentlemen I would like to introduce you to failed Tory candidate, UKiP supporter and no doubt soon to be at Her Majesty's pleasure, one Joshua Bonehill-Paine.

At the tender age of 18 he had already shot to notoriety stealing from a Police Station, and now he seems to be getting himself into a bit of a pickle, with even his extremist fascist chums rejecting him; firstly over claims he has pocket the money from merchandise sales through Woolwich Strong for murdered soldier Lee Rigby and then an astonishing and bizarre attack on Leicester Pub, The Globe. It's only a matter of time before his collar is well and truly felt by the Old Bill. 

His latest victim was wrongfully accused of robbing from the grave of Lee Rigby (the irony of this, after his sticky fingers were seemingly caught in the till of Rigby fundraising efforts, is not lost on me). She released the full story, republished below, on her website which has immediately come under a DDoS attack and forced the host to suspend it.

In the interests of fair play, and believing this woman has the right to defend herself from the lies of this deranged lunatic, here's her the story. Please read on...


Joshua Bonehill, Nikki Pilkington and Lee Rigby’s grave robbery that never took place

by joshnnikki

*Please note, throughout this blog post I have posted pictures of the messages and comments I have received on my business Facebook page and my personal Facebook profile – please excuse the language of the comments, I am just posting what the commentors wrote.


So, on Friday evening, after putting my 3 year old daughter to bed and settling down for an evening of TV watching with my partner, we receive a Facebook message from a friend saying ‘Hope Nikki is OK after the nasty story about her’.
Story? What story? I decide it can wait until the morning and we carry on watching TV.
Then my phone starts pinging – message after message on Facebook; some from people expressing worry for me and some wishing me dead. I also have about 40 friend requests from people I have never heard of.
A quick Google search revealed this story (click for bigger version):
Along with a lovely picture of me and links to all of my profiles, was a libellous allegation that I have robbed someone’s grave.
For the record, I haven’t. Of course I haven’t. I had to look up who Lee Rigby was, and once we found out he was buried in Bury, I had to look on a map to find where that was! It’s over 200 miles away from where I live…
At this point I just laughed and said ‘Don’t worry about it – it’s probably some nutter who just liked my picture’. My partner was more worried when he saw the other sites this had been posted to – Neo Nazi sites, among others.
I refused to let it worry me and ruin my evening and we went to bed.


After breakfast I decided to read the messages I was being sent. Hundreds of them, from idiots who actually believe this website’s claims. Among other things I’ve been called:
  • a bitch
  • a slag
  • a whore
  • a slut
  • vile
  • scum of the earth
  • a ‘Muslim lover’
  • and more
The messages and comments threatened me with:
  • rape
  • murder
  • public lynching
  • public villification
  • being anally raped with a dead man’s penis
  • having my children hurt / raped / killed
  • having my house torched
  • having my car torched
  • BEING torched
  • having bricks put through my windows
  • having my business destroyed
  • and much much more
I have to admit, I still didn’t really take it seriously, but I did begin to wonder how many idiots there are on the Internet (and why none of them seem to be able to spell or construct a sentence).


Thankfully I had a lot of support. From friends, from business acquaintances, from clients and from people I had never even met who knew that Joshua Bonehill was known for spreading lies, and his followers were pretty much all well known trolls.
But still the nutters kept coming. All weekend they were posting, yet not a peep from Mr Bonehill? Maybe he wasn’t as brave as he thought he was? Maybe my blase reaction took him by surprise? Maybe the massive support I got unnerved him slightly? Maybe his mum had banned him from the computer? Who knows, but he was conspicuous by his absense.
So I started to look into him a little more…


It seems our Josh has a history of picking on women, but why me? A quick search reveals that he’s in a spat with my step sister Maggie Chapman, who has outed him over allegedly stealing money he made from selling tshirts for the Lee Rigby charity. Did he do this? I have no idea. And to be honest I don’t care. Although it is a little ironic that someone accused of stealing from a dead soldier is now accusing me of doing the same…
Other stories came to light – he’s a bonkers right wing supporter, wanted to be a politician, got arrested a couple of years ago for dunkenly stealing a policeman’s uniform and has a lot of haters out there. Poor wee boy – hope his mummy gives him lots of cuddles.
He also changes supportive comments on his site. One of my friends posted a supportive (of me) comment that was then changed to ‘I hate black people’ – another posted a message of support only to have it changed to ‘Burn the bitch’. My gorgeous daughter Leigh posted a comment only to have it changed to ‘She’s my mum and she beats me’ – well, I am very competitive I guess :)


It seems the only sin I have is sharing the same mother as Maggie. Nothing more, nothing less. He had been threatening her with attacking her family and I was easy to find and probably looked pretty well connected. So he attacked me.
He shouldn’t have. I’m not one to roll over and die, and I wasn’t going to get all upset and worried. I found the whole thing pretty peurile and amusing, and still to some extent do.
His followers posted an address that doesn’t belong to me and encouraged each other to go and ‘torch the place’. It hasn’t been done, thankfully.
I haven’t been raped, buggered, torched, killed or slapped. No one has approached me in the street and shouted at me. My kids are both still safe. I still have my sense of humour and I’ve not lost any sleep over it.


Some of you know my eldest daughter Leigh. She spent a good part of the weekend sticking up for me and finding out more about Mr Bonehill.
He didn’t like that, bless him…
SoImagehe posted this ludicrous story:
Yes, that’s an altered image of Leigh. A badly altered image it has to be said. Bonehill claims that my daughter is facially disfigured and cuts the heads off cats for fun. Of course she does… Leigh can’t chop raw chicken without gagging, yet she can saw off a feline’s bonce…
Apparently she’s ‘fled to France where she takes part in Left Wing marches’…
Err, she has lived in France since 2007 and wouldn’t know Left Wing if it marched right past her.
Targeting me, that’s fine. Mess with my kids and you’re in trouble…


  • I’m not a slag, whore, or a slut.
  • I’m pretty sure I’m not scum and definitely not the scum of the earth
  • I am, however, a bitch
  • I don’t live in Yorkshire
  • I still have no real idea where Bury is, or how to get there
  • I don’t like cut flowers
  • I do like teddy bears
  • I am the least political person you will ever meet – I had to have it explained to me what left and right wing politics were, and what the political organisations being mentioned were
  • You don’t mess with my kids


  • she loves cats
  • she doesn’t have a badly photoshooped facial deformity
  • she doesn’t run a disabled website – she’s a VA
  • she is also a bitch, and you don’t mess with her mum


  • he’s a liar
  • he’s a thief
  • he’s a coward
  • he’s an idiot


Well, this has all been reported to the police, who are investigating. The Facebook profiles of every single person who has attacked or threatened me have been handed over. There WILL be arrests made.
I will continue to smile and ignore the idiots who believe these malicious slurs against me and my family.
I will still be a bitch, and still NOT be political.
Thank you to everyone who has supported me – I have so many messages to reply to that it will take time, but I will reply.
They say keep your friends close but your enemies closer – Joshua Bonehill, you and I are going to be VERY close soon and I would suggest it’s better for you if it’s across a courtroom and not in the street. Nice try, sonny, but you picked on the wrong people this time…
(For the first time in my blogging life I am refusing to accept rude or negative comments. Anyone who wants to contact me or say something is welcome to post on myFacebook profile, which I will continue to leave as public, but I’m not prepared to moderate the loons I’m afraid)

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