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Statement of Arab academics and intellectuals against the American military aggression on Syria

Our hearts all bleed for the growing bloodshed in Syria, which has increased in recent days; this is being used to justify within the media and political efforts of Arab and Zionists to pave the way for a U.S. military intervention in Syria. The frequency of media reports have intensified within the last hours, alluding to the possibility of the United States, Israel and Britain, France and Turkey, and the governments of Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, taking part in a military strike against Syria, under the guise of it being accused of using chemical weapons against civilians in Ghouta Damascus Eastern. A claim is still under investigation by a specialized committee of the United Nations, and that the Russian government rejected, and submitted to the Security Council documents show that the terrorists are the users of these weapons, not the Syrian Arab army.

This comes after the political activity, sabotage and terrorism that is an hallmark of Saudi intelligence, which included car bomb attacks in Iraq's cities and towns, and in the southern suburbs of Beirut and Tripoli, claiming the lives of hundreds of women, men and children, along with the subversive role of the Saudi regime in Egypt.

The conflict in Syria, as evidenced by the eye, is not an idealised struggle between the regime and the opposition, but rather a regional conflict on an international stage; its fuel the blood of Syrians, and its goal smashing the state, the army and society in Syria, until it hits Syria's regional role as advocate and supporter of Arab resistance against the Zionist enemy, and besieging resistance Allbannanah and Palestinian, and re-forming the entire region to ensure the interests of the Zionist entity.

The support of the Zionist enemy has always been, and still is, one of the most important determinants of U.S. policy and its standards in the region. That is why the United States now claim concern for the blood of Arabs, blood which has been shed for more than sixty years on the bayonnet of American arms; you will fool no-one.

We, the undersigned, declare:

(1) absolute and we stand with the Syrian people and their choices, and with the Syrian Arab Army and the Lebanese resistance, in this great national battle against Israel and the United States, Britain, France, Turkey and the governments of Jordan and the Gulf.

( 2) we see that all who lift arms in Syria in the face of the Syrian Arab Army, and supports U.S. aggression on the Syrian nation, are the enemy of the Arab nation, and stand at the side of Israel and the United States.

(3) we see that every government, political party or political group, or political or cultured person working in the public domain, who do not announce standing against the reactionary imperialist aggression against Syria, are infact standing in a row the United States and Israel.

(4) the solution in Syria is the only national solution. We call on the honorable of the regime and the opposition to sit down at the negotiating table to agree on a national strategy to consolidate efforts and monitoring of rows against the American-Israeli aggression, and against all gunmen who receive support from the United States, Turkey, France, Britain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. And follow it, work hard and effectively to develop a national plan for Syria's transition to a stable democratic situation.

(5) We call on everyone to beware of attempts in sedition and sectarianism, maliciously supervised and funded by the ancillary systems and Arab masters, fueled by means of these media, and tools in Anizqh. We emphasize that the first beneficiary of fabricating a rift between Sunni, Shiite, Christian or Muslim, is the Zionist enemy and its occupation of Palestinian land.

(6) We call on all honorable Arabs to rally around the option of resistance, and to turn this crisis into bloody historic opportunity to achieve a historic achievement in the Israeli project defeated Saudis/Americans, simulates a defeat that befell this project in July 2006 .


Atef Cy

Let's sword

Ahmed Khalifa

Useful ud

Khalil Palm

Ashraf Bayoumi

SZ Morsi

Adel Samara

Capt. preferred

Munir Akash

Kamal behind the long-

Ali Abdel Aal

Yahya Abu Ghida

Rashid Jamal al-Din

Walid Halees

Munther Suleiman

Jafar Jafari

Massad Arbid

Mohammed Al - Abdullah

Amal Saad - strange

Ahmed Abdel Aal

Diane Khaled

Shawqi Kassis

Daoud Khairallah

Fadia talk show

Nader judge

Ruba Abu Ghida

Adnan al - Khatib

Samir Seikaly

Shawki Court

Ziad Daoud

Ali Mallah

Ibrahim Odeh

Herzallah activist

Majid grace

Abbas Ali

Nader Abu forehead

Mr. Badri

Mahmoud Arts

Hani Mendes

Translation: Paul Nelson

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Joshua Bonehill, Nikki Pilkington and Lee Rigby’s grave robbery that never took place

Fascist Nutjob and Fantasist Joshua Bonehill-Paine
In recent months a rather nasty fellow of a far-right political persuasion and some clear mental health issues has been publishing a Facebook page and blog (entitled Daily Bale) where he creates vile, libelous story out of thin air, does a quick Google search for any image he can find, and then publishes it to a tiny band of self-proclaimed patriots, white supremacists and racist knobheads.

Ladies and Gentlemen I would like to introduce you to failed Tory candidate, UKiP supporter and no doubt soon to be at Her Majesty's pleasure, one Joshua Bonehill-Paine.

At the tender age of 18 he had already shot to notoriety stealing from a Police Station, and now he seems to be getting himself into a bit of a pickle, with even his extremist fascist chums rejecting him; firstly over claims he has pocket the money from merchandise sales through Woolwich Strong for murdered soldier Lee Rigby and then an astonishing and bizarre attack on Leicester Pub, The Globe. It's only a matter of time before his collar is well and truly felt by the Old Bill. 

His latest victim was wrongfully accused of robbing from the grave of Lee Rigby (the irony of this, after his sticky fingers were seemingly caught in the till of Rigby fundraising efforts, is not lost on me). She released the full story, republished below, on her website which has immediately come under a DDoS attack and forced the host to suspend it.

In the interests of fair play, and believing this woman has the right to defend herself from the lies of this deranged lunatic, here's her the story. Please read on...


Joshua Bonehill, Nikki Pilkington and Lee Rigby’s grave robbery that never took place

by joshnnikki

*Please note, throughout this blog post I have posted pictures of the messages and comments I have received on my business Facebook page and my personal Facebook profile – please excuse the language of the comments, I am just posting what the commentors wrote.


So, on Friday evening, after putting my 3 year old daughter to bed and settling down for an evening of TV watching with my partner, we receive a Facebook message from a friend saying ‘Hope Nikki is OK after the nasty story about her’.
Story? What story? I decide it can wait until the morning and we carry on watching TV.
Then my phone starts pinging – message after message on Facebook; some from people expressing worry for me and some wishing me dead. I also have about 40 friend requests from people I have never heard of.
A quick Google search revealed this story (click for bigger version):
Along with a lovely picture of me and links to all of my profiles, was a libellous allegation that I have robbed someone’s grave.
For the record, I haven’t. Of course I haven’t. I had to look up who Lee Rigby was, and once we found out he was buried in Bury, I had to look on a map to find where that was! It’s over 200 miles away from where I live…
At this point I just laughed and said ‘Don’t worry about it – it’s probably some nutter who just liked my picture’. My partner was more worried when he saw the other sites this had been posted to – Neo Nazi sites, among others.
I refused to let it worry me and ruin my evening and we went to bed.


After breakfast I decided to read the messages I was being sent. Hundreds of them, from idiots who actually believe this website’s claims. Among other things I’ve been called:
  • a bitch
  • a slag
  • a whore
  • a slut
  • vile
  • scum of the earth
  • a ‘Muslim lover’
  • and more
The messages and comments threatened me with:
  • rape
  • murder
  • public lynching
  • public villification
  • being anally raped with a dead man’s penis
  • having my children hurt / raped / killed
  • having my house torched
  • having my car torched
  • BEING torched
  • having bricks put through my windows
  • having my business destroyed
  • and much much more
I have to admit, I still didn’t really take it seriously, but I did begin to wonder how many idiots there are on the Internet (and why none of them seem to be able to spell or construct a sentence).


Thankfully I had a lot of support. From friends, from business acquaintances, from clients and from people I had never even met who knew that Joshua Bonehill was known for spreading lies, and his followers were pretty much all well known trolls.
But still the nutters kept coming. All weekend they were posting, yet not a peep from Mr Bonehill? Maybe he wasn’t as brave as he thought he was? Maybe my blase reaction took him by surprise? Maybe the massive support I got unnerved him slightly? Maybe his mum had banned him from the computer? Who knows, but he was conspicuous by his absense.
So I started to look into him a little more…


It seems our Josh has a history of picking on women, but why me? A quick search reveals that he’s in a spat with my step sister Maggie Chapman, who has outed him over allegedly stealing money he made from selling tshirts for the Lee Rigby charity. Did he do this? I have no idea. And to be honest I don’t care. Although it is a little ironic that someone accused of stealing from a dead soldier is now accusing me of doing the same…
Other stories came to light – he’s a bonkers right wing supporter, wanted to be a politician, got arrested a couple of years ago for dunkenly stealing a policeman’s uniform and has a lot of haters out there. Poor wee boy – hope his mummy gives him lots of cuddles.
He also changes supportive comments on his site. One of my friends posted a supportive (of me) comment that was then changed to ‘I hate black people’ – another posted a message of support only to have it changed to ‘Burn the bitch’. My gorgeous daughter Leigh posted a comment only to have it changed to ‘She’s my mum and she beats me’ – well, I am very competitive I guess :)


It seems the only sin I have is sharing the same mother as Maggie. Nothing more, nothing less. He had been threatening her with attacking her family and I was easy to find and probably looked pretty well connected. So he attacked me.
He shouldn’t have. I’m not one to roll over and die, and I wasn’t going to get all upset and worried. I found the whole thing pretty peurile and amusing, and still to some extent do.
His followers posted an address that doesn’t belong to me and encouraged each other to go and ‘torch the place’. It hasn’t been done, thankfully.
I haven’t been raped, buggered, torched, killed or slapped. No one has approached me in the street and shouted at me. My kids are both still safe. I still have my sense of humour and I’ve not lost any sleep over it.


Some of you know my eldest daughter Leigh. She spent a good part of the weekend sticking up for me and finding out more about Mr Bonehill.
He didn’t like that, bless him…
SoImagehe posted this ludicrous story:
Yes, that’s an altered image of Leigh. A badly altered image it has to be said. Bonehill claims that my daughter is facially disfigured and cuts the heads off cats for fun. Of course she does… Leigh can’t chop raw chicken without gagging, yet she can saw off a feline’s bonce…
Apparently she’s ‘fled to France where she takes part in Left Wing marches’…
Err, she has lived in France since 2007 and wouldn’t know Left Wing if it marched right past her.
Targeting me, that’s fine. Mess with my kids and you’re in trouble…


  • I’m not a slag, whore, or a slut.
  • I’m pretty sure I’m not scum and definitely not the scum of the earth
  • I am, however, a bitch
  • I don’t live in Yorkshire
  • I still have no real idea where Bury is, or how to get there
  • I don’t like cut flowers
  • I do like teddy bears
  • I am the least political person you will ever meet – I had to have it explained to me what left and right wing politics were, and what the political organisations being mentioned were
  • You don’t mess with my kids


  • she loves cats
  • she doesn’t have a badly photoshooped facial deformity
  • she doesn’t run a disabled website – she’s a VA
  • she is also a bitch, and you don’t mess with her mum


  • he’s a liar
  • he’s a thief
  • he’s a coward
  • he’s an idiot


Well, this has all been reported to the police, who are investigating. The Facebook profiles of every single person who has attacked or threatened me have been handed over. There WILL be arrests made.
I will continue to smile and ignore the idiots who believe these malicious slurs against me and my family.
I will still be a bitch, and still NOT be political.
Thank you to everyone who has supported me – I have so many messages to reply to that it will take time, but I will reply.
They say keep your friends close but your enemies closer – Joshua Bonehill, you and I are going to be VERY close soon and I would suggest it’s better for you if it’s across a courtroom and not in the street. Nice try, sonny, but you picked on the wrong people this time…
(For the first time in my blogging life I am refusing to accept rude or negative comments. Anyone who wants to contact me or say something is welcome to post on myFacebook profile, which I will continue to leave as public, but I’m not prepared to moderate the loons I’m afraid)

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White Women and the Privilege of Solidarity

Houria Bouteldja is the spokesperson for the PIR. This is her speech at the 4th International Congress of Islamic Feminism that took place in Madrid, in October 2010.

I would, first of all, like to thank the Junta Islamica Catalana for having organized this colloquium, which is a real breath of fresh air in a Europe that is shriveling up in upon itself, wrought up in xenophobic debates and increasingly rejecting difference/alterity.

I hope that such an initiative will be able to take place in France. Before getting into the subject at hand, I would like to introduce myself, as I believe that speech should always be located.

I live in France, I am the daughter of Algerian immigrants. My father was a working-class man and my mother was a housewife. I am not speaking as a sociologist, a researcher or a theologian. In other words, I am no expert. I am an activist and I am speaking as a result of my experience as a political activist and, I might add, my own personal sensibility. I am insisting on these details because I would like to be as honest as possible in my reasoning. Truth be told, until today, I hadn’t really thought about the question of Islamic feminism. So why am I taking part in this colloquium? When I was invited, I made it quite clear that I lacked the authority to speak about Islamic feminism and that I would rather deal with the idea of decolonial feminism and the ways in which, I believe, it should be related to the more general question of Islamic feminism. That is why I thought I would lay out a few questions that could prove useful for our collective questioning:

Is feminism universal?
What is the relationship between white/Western feminisms and Third World feminisms among which we find Islamic feminisms?
Is feminism compatible with Islam?

If it is, then how can it be legitimized and what would its priorities be?

First Question: Is feminism universal? For me, it is the question of all questions when adopting a decolonial approach and when attempting to decolonise feminism. This question is essential, not because of the answer but rather because it makes us, we who live in the West, take the necessary precautions when we are confronted with ‘Other’ societies. 

Let’s take, for example, so-called, Western societies that witnessed the emergence of feminist movements and have been influenced by them. The women who fought against patriarchy in favour of an equal dignity between men and women gained rights and improved women’s circumstances, which I, myself, benefit from. Let’s compare their situation, that is to say our situation, with that of so-called “primitive” societies in Amazonia for instance. There are still societies here and there that have been spared by Western influence. I should add here that I don’t consider any society to be primitive. I think there are differing spaces/times on our planet, different temporalities, that no civilization is in advance or behind on any other, that I don’t locate myself on a scale of progress and that I don’t consider progress an end in itself nor a political goal.  In other words, I don’t necessarily consider progress to be progressive but sometimes, even often, it is regressive. And, I think that the decolonial question can also be applied to our perception of time. 

Getting back to the subject at hand, if we take as our criteria the simple notion of well-being, who in this room can state that the women from those societies (who know nothing of the concept of feminism as we conceive of it) are less well-off than European women who not only took part in the struggles but also made available, to their societies, these invaluable social gains?  I, myself, find it quite impossible to answer this question and would consider quite fortunate anyone who could. But yet again, the answer is of no importance. The question itself is, for it humbles us, and curbs our imperialist tendencies as well as our interfering reflexes. It prevents us from considering our own norms as universal and trying to make other’s realities fit into our own. In short, it makes us locate ourselves with regards to our own particularities.

Having laid out that question clearly, I now feel more at ease to tackle the second question dealing with the relationship between Western feminisms and Third World feminisms. Obviously it’s very complicated but one of its dimensions is the domination of the global south by the global north. A decolonial approach should question this relationship and attempt to subvert it. An example:

In 2007, women from the Movement of the Indigenous of the Republic took part in the annual 8th of March demonstration in support of women’s struggles. At that time, the American campaign against Iran had begun. We decided to march behind a banner that’s message was “No feminism without anti-imperialism”. We were all wearing Palestinian kaffiyehs and handing out flyers in support of three resistant Iraqi women taken prisoner by the Americans. When we arrived, the organizers of the official procession started chanting slogans in support of Iranian women. We found these slogans extremely shocking given the ideological offensive against Iran at that time. Why the Iranians, the Algerians and not the Palestinians and the Iraqis? Why such selective choices? To thwart these slogans, we decided to express our solidarity not with Third World women but rather with Western women. And so we chanted:
Solidarity with Swedish women!
Solidarity with Italian women!
Solidarity with German women!
Solidarity with English women!
Solidarity with French women!
Solidarity with American women!

Which meant: why should you, white women, have the privilege of solidarity? You are also battered, raped, you are also subject to men’s violence, you are also underpaid, despised, your bodies are also instrumentalised…

I can tell you that they looked at us as if we were from outer space.

What we were saying seemed surreal, inconceivable. It was like the fourth dimension.  It wasn’t so much the fact that we reminded them of their situation as Western women that shocked them. It was more the fact that African and Arab-Muslim women had dared symbolically subvert a relationship of domination and had established themselves as patrons. In other words, with this skillful rhetorical turn, we showed them that they de facto had a superior status to our own. We found their looks of disbelief quite entertaining.

Another example: 
After a solidarity trip to Palestine, a friend was telling me how the French women had asked the Palestinian women if they used birth control. According to my friend, the Palestinian women couldn’t understand such a question given how important the demographic issue is in Palestine. They were coming from a completely different perspective. For many Palestinian women, having children is an act of resistance against the ethnic cleansing policies of the Israeli state.

There you have two examples that illustrate our situation as racialised women, that help understand what is at stake and envisage a way to fight colonialist and Eurocentric feminism.

Following on from that question, is Islam compatible with feminism? This question is purely provocative on my behalf. I can’t stand it. I am asked this question by a French journalist who believes they are asking a really pertinent question. As for me, I refuse to answer out of principle. On the one hand, because it comes from a position of arrogance. The representative of civilization X is demanding that the representative of civilization Y prove something. Y is, therefore, put in dock and must provide proof of her/his “modern-ness”, justify her/him-self to please X.

On the other hand, because the answer is not simple when one knows that the Islamic world is not monolithic. The debate could go on forever and that is exactly what happens when you make the mistake of trying to answer. 

Myself, I cut to the chase by asking X the following question: Is the French Republic compatible with feminism? I can guarantee you one thing: ideological victory is in the answer to this question. 

In France, one woman dies every three days as a result of domestic violence. The number rapes per year is estimated around 48 000. Women are underpaid. Women’s pensions are considerably less substantial than those of men. Political, economic and symbolic power remains mostly in the hands of men. True, since the 60’s and 70’s, men share more in household duties: statistically, three minutes more than 30 years ago!!! So I ask my question again: are the French Republic and feminism compatible? We would be tempted to say no! Actually, the answer is neither yes nor no. French women liberated French women and it’s thanks to them that the Republic is less macho than it was. The same goes for Arab-Muslim, African and Asian countries. No more, no less. With, however, one extra challenge: consolidating within women’s struggles the decolonial dimension, that is to say the critique of modernity and eurocentrism.

How to legitimize Islamic feminism? For me, it legitimizes itself. It doesn’t have to pass a feminist exam. The simple fact that Muslim women have taken it up to demand their rights and their dignity is enough for it to be fully recognized. I know, as result of my intimate knowledge of women from the Maghreb and in the diaspora, that “the-submissive-woman” does not exist. She was invented. I know women that are dominated. Submissive ones are rarer!

I would like to conclude with what, in my opinion, should be priorities for decolonial feminism.  You have all heard about Amina Wadud and her involvement in the development of Islamic feminism. She became well known the day she lead the prayer, a role usually reserved for men. Out of context, I would say that it could be thought of as a revolutionary act. However, in an international context that saw the Iranian Revolution and 9/11 (as well as growing Islamophobia, demands that Islam update and modernize itself), a much more ambiguous message was brought to light. Was it answering strong demands, an urgency, the fundamental expectations of women from the Umma? Or were these expectations of the white world? Allow me to dwell on the latter hypothesis. Not that there aren’t any women who find it an injustice that only men be allowed to lead the prayer but because women’s priorities and urgent needs are elsewhere. What do Afghan, Iraqi and Palestinian women want? Peace, the end of the war and the occupation, the rebuilding of their national infrastructures, legal frameworks that guarantee their rights and protect them, access to sufficient food and water, the ability to feed and educate their children under good conditions. What do Muslim women in Europe and more generally those who are immigrants and who, for the most part, live in lower income neighborhoods want? A job, housing, rights that protect them not only from state violence but also men’s violence. They demand respect for their religion, their culture. Why are all of these demands silenced and why does the issue of leading the prayer make its way across the globe when Judaism and Christianity have never really made apparent their own intransigent defense of the equality of sexes?

To finish up with this example, I believe that Amina Wadud’s act was, in fact, quite the opposite of what it claimed to be. In reality and independently of the theologian’s own wishes, this act, in my opinion, was counter-productive. It will only be able to adopt a feminist dimension once Islam is equally treated with respect and once the demands to lead the prayer come from Muslim women themselves. It is time to see Muslim men and women how they really are and not how we would like them to be.

I conclude here and hope to have shown the ways in which a true decolonial feminism could benefit women, all women when they, themselves, deem it to be their path to emancipation.

Madrid, 22 October 2010

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The sordid tale of how I was censored by Straight Pride UK

How Homophobic Chauvinists attempt to silence their critics: Oliver Hotham suffers abuse at the hands of bigoted bullies

EDIT: The post wordpress removed from Oliver's blog is now also republished as an addendum below.

Okay, it's quite a simple premise, but let's go through it just one more time (sigh); we live in a world controlled by white, heterosexual men; from heads of state to the boardrooms of every indsutry; from editorial boards of the mainstream media to the leading lights of professional organisations; from doctors to policemen our lives are controlled and dominated by straight, white men. Amongst oppressed and minority groups a form of resistance in the long battle for equality arose; that of pride movements; from Black Pride/Power against the brutal violence of the KKK to Gay Pride against the murderous assaults on our LGBT brothers and sisters these movements have been a positive starting point in the campaign against inequality and oppression.

Being of poor intellect, lacking creativity or simply attempting to badly employ satire, 
Leader of racist BNP & holocaust denier Nick Griffin
the oppressors chose to fight back in their attempts to maintain and hold on to their privilege (ie their right to oppress, harass and murder those they have enjoyed dominance over for so long) by establishing laughably named campaigns like White Pride/Power
 (ie racist thugs, white supremacists, holocaust deniers etc). Now stepping into the breach is a campaign one initially thinks to be an ironic poke at the oppressor class; Straight Pride. But sadly it seems not. These are die-in-the-wool homophobes and zealots who are attempting (badly) to usurp the name and campaign of the Gay Rights movement to promote a clearly unpleasant persecution of those of a different sexuality or gender identity than the predominant one of our society. The oppressor does not need a "pride" movement because they already have the keys to the citadel firmly in their grubby, bloodstained hands. But they seek to bastardise the pride movement and launch assaults on anyone who dares dissent.

Whilst making claims, much like their racist counterparts in the EDL, that they are not bigots at all, merely "proud" of their sexual identity, their homophobic agenda did not take long to rise to the surface:

This is the story of one brave blogger who rejects their homophobia, their bigotry and their bullying tactics. I republish his blog to ensure even if the cowards of wordpress remove his words, they have a place firmly secured on the internet. I encourage all others with blogs or websites to do likewise. Oliver Hotham, I salute you!

The sordid tale of how I was censored by Straight Pride UK

A few weeks ago, when thinking of interesting things I could write for this blog, I remembered a weird organisation that gathered some attention on the internet a month or two ago.
The organisation is called Straight Pride UK. It’s a strange group which believes that the tide of Gay rights has gone too far, and that now heterosexuals have become the oppressed minority. Essentially their philosophy  is spun from the same reactionary cloth as “Men’s Rights activists”  -  the notion that, having essentially run Western society for most its existence, progressive demands that Christian white straight males share some of their total grasp on power is somehow a removal of their rights.
Anyway, I wrote to Straight Pride asking that they answer some questions. Stipulating that I was “a freelance journalist”, I sent them some questions, about what they do and what they believe.
About a week later they responded with an attached document with the title “press release”. I went through the questions, corrected the horrendous grammar, and organised it so it coherently answered the questions I’d posed. I also noted that two rather pointed questions I’d asked, regarding the problem of the bullying of LGBTI youth and the nature of other “pride” movements, had not been answered. I sent them an email about this, saying that I’d give them the opportunity to respond but, if they didn’t, I’d “make it clear in the article” that they avoided the questions. They didn’t get back to me for 2 days, which I thought ample time to write two sentences.
Fully satisfied that my journalism had made them look like the arses they are, I hit the publish button, and sat back, feeling all together really pleased with myself. I called the article “It’s great to be straight… yeah”, too, which I thought acutely summed up their philosophy and referenced a mid-90s dance album I rather like.
The article gained a lot of traction, too. A friend and I put it on Reddit, and I got thousands of hits. In my short career of attempting to become a respectable journalist, it was one of the most successful things I’d done.
Then came the email from Straight Pride UK’s press officer, Nick Steiner:
“It has been brought to my attention that you have published the email that I sent you to, you did not state this in your email request, nor you did have consent to do this.
I therefore request that you take down the article that you have placed on your blog.
You have 7 days in which to do this, failing this I shall submit a DMCA to WordPress to have it removed.”
I laughed this off, and responded to the email arguing their case was absurd:
1) There was no indication on the “press release” they sent me that it was copyrighted material. Nor did they make any mention of the fact that anything they gave me was copyrighted.
2) I wrote “I’m a journalist and I’d like to ask you some questions” in my first email. If you’re a press officer and you don’t know what this means, then you really aren’t qualified to have your job.
3) In my email about the questions they didn’t answer, I made reference to “the article”. If that isn’t an indication that I’m going to publish something then I really don’t what is.
I thought this was a good enough defence, and I assumed this would all be swept under the carpet, and that their rather sad attempts to remove my article because it made them look stupid were all for naught.
I was wrong – within a few days WordPress caved to them without question, removing my article and telling me if I tried to publish it again I’d be suspended, but that I could challenge the takedown of my article. I responded that yes, I very much would like to, and was emailed a form I’d have to fill in. One of the requirements was that I “consent to local federal court jurisdiction, or if overseas, to an appropriate judicial body”.
I’m a student. I don’t have the money, time, or patience to go through with potentially having to go to court over this. All in all, I just could not be bothered to challenge the decision.
So I accepted the takedown, feeling thoroughly shit about myself.
Then I get another email from Straight Pride UK, which pissed me off even more. They demanded I take down the material (which I had) but also that I:
“…remove all references to Straight Pride UK, The Straight Forward Project, along with images, and links, from your Blog.”
So not content with forcing me to eat a shit sandwich on dubious grounds and making me take down my work, they now demand that I never write anything about them again. Are these people kidding? Who the hell do they think they are that they can simply demand that I not write about them again, in an email with the pointedly sinister name of their solicitors at the bottom?
This, for me, was the final straw, and why I decided to write this article.
Because I find it absurd that this silly little group can simply demand that remove all my references to them because it makes them look bad. What are they afraid of? Their views make them look stupid enough, why the need to so aggressively bully and harass me? Why do they care so much?
And are they so cowardly that an article criticising them is enough to attempt to pursue a tenuous legal case against the author?
It really boggles the mind.


Below is the full text from his blog.  

AUGUST 3, 2013

It’s Great When You’re Straight… Yeah

There has never been a better time to be gay in this country. LGBTI people will soon enjoy full marriage equality,public acceptance of homosexuality is at an all time high, and generally a consensus has developed that it’s really not that big of a deal what consenting adults do in the privacy of their bedrooms. The debate on Gay Marriage in the House of Commons was marred by a few old reactionaries, true, but generally it’s become accepted that full rights for LGBTI people is inevitable and desirable. Thank God.
But some are deeply troubled by this unfaltering march toward common decency, and they call themselves the Straight Pride movement.
Determined to raise awareness of the “heterosexual part of our society”, Straight Pride believe that a militant gay lobby has hijacked the debate on sexuality in this country, and encourage their members, among other things, to “come out” as straight, posting on their Facebook page that:
“Coming out as Straight or heterosexual in todays politically correct world is an extremely challenging experience. It is often distressing and evokes emotions of fear, relief, pride and embarrassment.”
I asked them some questions.
First of all, what prompted you to set up Straight Pride UK? 
Straight Pride is a small group of heterosexual individuals who joined together after seeing the rights of people who have opposing views to homosexuality trampled over and, quite frankly, oppressed.
With the current political situation in the United Kingdom with Gay Marriage passing, everyone  is being forced to accept homosexuals, and other chosen lifestyles and behaviours, no matter their opposing views. Straight Pride has seen people sued, and businesses affected, all because the homosexual community do not like people having a view or opinion that differs from theirs.
Are your beliefs linked to religion? How many of you derive your views from scripture?
Straight Pride aims are neutral and we do not follow religion, but we do support people who are oppressed for being religious. Only today, Straight Pride see that two homosexual parents are planning to sue the Church because they ‘cannot get what they want’. This is aggressive behaviour and this is the reason why people have strong objections to homosexuals.
You say that one of your goals is “to raise awareness of the heterosexual part of society”. Why do you feel this is necessary? 
The Straight Pride mission is to make sure that the default setting for humanity is not forgotten and that heterosexuals are allowed to have a voice and speak out against being oppressed because of the politically correct Government.
Straight Pride feel need to raise awareness of heterosexuality, family values, morals, and traditional lifestyles and relationships.
Your website states that “Homosexuals have more rights than others”. What rights specifically do LGBTI people have that straight people are denied?
Homosexuals do currently have more rights than heterosexuals, their rights can trump those of others, religious or not. Heterosexuals cannot speak out against homosexuals, but homosexuals are free to call people bigots who don’t agree with homosexuality, heterosexuals, religious or not, cannot refuse to serve or accommodate homosexuals, if they do, they face being sued, this has already happened.
Straight Pride believe anyone should be able to refuse service and speak out against something they do not like or support.
There is a hotel in the south of England, called Hamilton Hall which only accepts homosexuals – if this is allowed, then hotels should have the choice and right to who they accommodate.
What has been the response to your campaign?
The response to Straight Pride’s formation has been as expected; hostile, threatening, and aggressive. Homosexuals do not like anyone challenging them or their behaviour.
We have had support from many people saying that if homosexuals can have a Pride March, and then equality should allow Heterosexuals to have one too. After all, the homosexual movement want everyone to have equality.
Why would you say that heterosexuality the “natural orientation”? 
Heterosexuality is the default setting for the human race, this is what creates life, if everyone made the decision to be homosexual, life would stop. People are radicalised to become homosexual, it is promoted to be ‘okay’ and right by the many groups that have sprung up.
Marriage is a man and a woman, homosexuals had Civil Partnerships, which was identical to Marriage with all the same rights, they wanted to destroy Marriage and have successfully done so.
If you could pick one historical figure to be the symbol of straight pride (just as figures like Alan Turing, Judith Butler or Peter Tatchell would be for Gay Pride) which would you choose?
Straight Pride would praise Margaret Thatcher for her stance on Section 28, which meant that children were not  taught about homosexuality, as this should not on the curriculum.
More recently, Straight Pride admire President Vladimir Putin of Russia for his stance and support of his country’s traditional values.
How do you react to anti-gay attacks and movements in Russia and parts of Africa? 
Straight Pride support what Russia and Africa is doing, these country have morals and are listening to their majorities. These countries are not ‘anti-gay’ – that is a term always used by the Homosexual Agenda to play the victim and suppress opinions and views of those against it.
These countries have passed laws, these laws are to be respected and no other country should interfere with another country’s laws or legislation.
We have country wide events which our members attend, and ask people their opinions and views, on such event at Glastonbury this year was very positive with the majority of people we asked, replied they were happily heterosexual.
For the record, Straight Pride did not respond to these questions:
“Pride” movements such as Gay Pride and Black Pride were making the argument that the stigma against them meant that proclaiming their “pride” was an act of liberation from oppression. Can being heterosexually really compare?
A problem that Gay rights activists cite is the issue of bullying, and the effect this can have on young LGBT people. Do you think a similar problem exists with straight children being bullied by gay children? 
I will obviously add to this if they do respond.
You can follow Straight Pride on Twitter here and see their Facebook page here.